I wanted to do a curve like the image bellow with Illustrator CS6. The problem is that I get corners all the time and even adding some anchor points I get my rectangle unaligned. What is the best way of achieving a smooth curve after a line? This comes from a rectangle and I didn't want to use rounded corners.

How I want it:


How I did it:

How I got

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    Place a circle and cut a half from, resize as you want.
    – Ilan
    Nov 30, 2014 at 0:03

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enter image description hereWhat i assume you did is draw a line from A to B, then moved your curser to position C and pulled the anchors out to form the round part. Now there is two ways of getting a round curve

  1. You pull the anchor at C further out so the curve is round. But that can be pretty hard to hit just the right point.

Thats why i prefer option

  1. You already pull an anchor at B in the same direction as your line goes an then you get to C. With a little training that way it will be round.

enter image description here

I hope that helped. Sry for bad english.

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