I use the Multiexporter script (blog article explanation, github link) for bulk exports of PNGs or PDFs from many artboards. It usually works fine, but sometimes it refuses to co-operate, with a message like:

Will export 0 of 10 artboards

...even though there are plenty of artboards with content on them. There's no clue as to what the problem is, except a line about "currently visible layers" - but they do all have currently visible layers. Adding prefixes, suffixes and output directories make no difference.

enter image description here

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It turns out Multiexporter ignores artboards that haven't been named. Enter a name for each artboard, and they'll be included (that name will also be used for the filename).

For example here, it's recognising each artboard that doesn't have the default name.

enter image description here

If you create an artboard by alt-dragging an existing artboard, the copy will appear if the original had a name and won't if it didn't:

enter image description here

Unfortunately I don't know of any quick way to name hundreds of artboards.

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