Is it possible to make the last segment a different width?

Something like this? I was thinking endcaps, but I want it to stretch to the second last to the last anchor point. I want something like what I've circled in this picture, but only at the end of my stroke, but I don't think the arrowheads could fulfill this request as I want them bent or curved sometimes. The red arrow thing is suppose to be the end I want.

enter image description here

enter image description here

The yellow part in the image is what I'm trying to achieve with the stroke, not manually drawing it in. But the thing I have circled does it for the whole entire line, not just the end. But again, I don't think the arrowheads could do this either.


You can use the Width Tool to do this:

variable width stroke in Illustrator

Select the last anchor with the Direct Selection Tool, then click and drag on the anchor with the Width Tool to taper it.

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