I want to be able to print on tabloid paper then fold it like a booklet but with a spine. So essentially it would have two folds so that it somewhat represents a spine. I would also want to have it stapled along the spine or folds of the spine. I was wondering if this was possible, right now I use a xerox 4112 if anyone has any ideas that would be great thanks.

The printer can fold and staple just not sure if I can customize folding.

Also my initial problem is that when I print it, the booklet along the fold bludges a lot and I want to try to make it more flat. If you have any ideas for this I would also be greatful. I print 4-6 tabloid sheets. Thanks


Book or Long Reach Staplers are easily purchased.

As for whether your specific printer can do custom folding, you'll need to contact the manufacturer or read the manual. That's more of a tech support question, not geared towards design.

And regarding the folded piece not being flat... rest something heavy on the copies for a day or so. They'll flatten out.

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