Say I have a file DSC_0377.jpg. I can open a this with Illustrator, make changes, then choose File Save As Save as type Adobe PDF

and it will be saved as DSC_0377.pdf, as desired. However if I

  • open an Illustrator Template
  • File Place the same JPG
  • File Save As Save as type Adobe PDF

it will be saved as Untitled-1.pdf. Does Illustrator have an easy way to save using the name of the placed file? I have many JPGs I need to do this with, so I would prefer to not have to do something like copy and paste the file names.

  • This is really more of an Illustrator user question rather than a graphic design question. But it comes down to using an Illustrator Template file which defaults to "Untitled" when saved since it's assumed you will want to name the file differently than the Template file name.
    – bemdesign
    Dec 24, 2014 at 4:05
  • What is your objective? is it to convert JPG's to PDF's?
    – hsawires
    May 23, 2015 at 12:52

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The Template in this case is really just a single Compound Shape. So to work around this problem I used this workflow:

  1. Open Template
  2. Open JPG normally, not using Place
  3. Copy Shape to JPG
  4. Save as PDF

After that I just leave the Template tab open, and open other JPGs to repeat.

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