I figured I didn't need a Wacom or anything due to my touchscreen laptop. Though, any time I try to use it, it simply scrolls around on the scene without actually drawing anything.

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I have this same problem and it prevents me from drawing in flash/photoshop because of the scrolling issue.

For people reading this in 2016 onwards and asking the same question here is what worked for me:

  • Go to run and type "regedit" to edit the registry
  • Hit CTRL+F to get the find command and then type "panningdisabled"

It may take a while to search but it should hopefully find the registry value that deals with touchscrolling.

  • The value should say 0 and you need to change this value to 1
  • Reboot your computer

If you need to turn it back on then just repeat these same steps but change the value from 1 back to 0.

This might not work for everybody but I am using a Lenovo Flex, with Windows 8, and it worked for me.

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