I have an animated GIF with a background color. I needed to remove the background for one of my works, so I just deleted background for all 250 layers with the magic eraser!

When I run the animation in PhotoShop it's okay, but when I render it (save for web) it turns into this awkward thing. I really have no clue why this happens since I'm not that pro using graphics.

Here are my .gifs https://www.dropbox.com/s/8je74x1t0zlxbs3/ls2.gif?dl=0 and https://www.dropbox.com/s/3gcjhtk1evvoab4/giff111111.gif?dl=0

Any help, such as making the GIF transparent by other means, is welcome

Thanks a lot :)

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That is called a halo.

Halo on a gif image

This is becouse gif can make transparent only one verey specific colour, not all the intermediate colours that make that small gradient.

And you have no other option on a gif file. The one thing you can do is make another version starting with the white background. A Light background version and a dark background version.

You can try other modern techniques like a sprite css background with transparent png files.


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