How do I turn a glossy/shiny surface into a non-shiny or matte surface in Adobe Photoshop?

I have here two images. The first is the image I would like to manipulate. The second image is the look I'm going for (not to replicate everything about it, but I want to achieve the same non-shiny look for the first image).

I'm aware that what I need to do is to dampen the highlights, and lower the contrast, but my attempts at adjusting the highlights via the Shadows/Highlights... menu and the contrast via the Brightness/Contrast... menu did not succeed. Adjusting colors by means of Replace Color... also did not yield success.

What other methods or techniques should I consider?

Original shiny medal. Goal matte medal.

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Applying a gradient map as a clipping mask should achieve something like the effect you're after. This quick gradient map:

enter image description here

Produced this:

enter image description here


Note, you are comparing a right-lit photo with a left-lit photo, so it's going to inherently appear different.

Sample a mid-tone from the image and then add a Color Overlay Layer Style. Set the overlay blend mode to Darken and reduce opacity until you are happy.

This will simply darken highlights creating a more matte finish.

enter image description here

From that point you can do some minor Levels or Curves adjustment to reduce contrast in the image and perhaps reduce the Saturation a bit via a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer.

enter image description here

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