I would like to learn to use 3D Studio Max, but I cannot find any good tutorial to start with.

I bought the manual, but there it explains in details all the possible functions you can find in the software. The fact is that I never had a course about 3D modelling, therefore I need something really easy.

For example, when I learned to use Photoshop I just looked at thousands of tutorials and I learned the commands just following the instructions and then trying to customize the results.

I would like to follow the same procedure for 3D Studio Max, the problem is that I found very few tutorials on that.

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First, I know you already have that book, but read more ;') A good starting point would be to learn some 3D design concepts and terminologies, and what you can/should do with 3D programs >>

Flipped Normals has a great introduction on 3D digital design in general:

Flipped Normals Introduction to 3D

Take note of some clickable bars there with "+" sign that you can expand to read more, for example:

Flipped Normals screenshot

I'm sure other people here can send you video tutorial resources. Free ones preferably..? :') For now, read on :')

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