Hi everyone I have been using Corel for years. I just started using illustrator though, and need to know, when I finish the design for print what to do. Currently, some fonts and images go missing. My question is can't we save all document including fonts and images in one shot. In Corel Draw there is an option called Collect for output that will collect all those stuff which we used to design. How is this done in Illustrator?

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  • possible duplicate of How to package fonts in Illustrator CS6?
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Yes. In Illustrator CC or newer choose File > Package

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Possible duplicate: How to package fonts in Illustrator CS6?


Now that we have a clearer question to work from the answer is, no. Illustrator does not have the same functionality as Corel Draw's "Collect for Output". But Illustrator does have the ability to save as a PDF. PDF's embed all the content inside the PDF "container" and this includes the fonts and images used. This saving as a PDF functionally accomplishes the same thing as "Package for Output".

Edit: Apparently Illustrator CC has the ability to package the artwork and all its resources. See Scott's answer to see how to access this feature.


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