I tried to create these shapes several times ago without success. I tried with illustrator and a blurry shape that I deform with "Envelope Distort" > "make with mesh" but the result isn't very convincing. I'd tried with photoshop but there isn't a tool like the one in illustrator…

Can you help me ?

1st image : enter image description here

2nd image (bonus): enter image description here

Bonus : can you help me too, to make the effect of the second image ?


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For the first image, I'd recommend looking at the liquify filter

As for the second, there's a lot of ways to achieve something like that. It certainly doesn't look like one sort of effect. For example, creating a shape with no fill, add a gradient effect. Turn it into a smart object, add gaussian blur and noise and you'll get something like this:

enter image description here

Adding a few layers like this and playing with the blending would get to something like what you're after.

  • I'm feeling stupid to haven't tried this before. I'll try the 2nd tip later but your explications seems good. Thanks again.
    – Theoalran
    Jan 21, 2015 at 14:33

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