I would like to replace black color in transparent PNG for bluish color from my other image.

Bluish color sampled:

enter image description here

So, desired color is #00528f.

Unfortunately, it does not work as I would expect in Change Color dialog:

enter image description here

Why isn't it obey direct order of a human and how to make it work as expected?


If you’d like to accurately apply a flat colour to a PNG with transparency, while maintaining the transparency, there’s many ways Photoshop can do it.

Here’s probably the easiest method:

  • Open the PNG.
  • Choose Layer → Layer Style → Color Overlay
  • Choose a colour (using normal blending mode and 100% opacity).
  • You’re done!

enter image description here

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I hope this might help. In Image...Adjustments/Hue/Saturation, choose Colorize.

enter image description here

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