How can I crop a dynamic rectangle effect so that the outsides of the rectangle don't show outside a certain fill?

please have a look of the appearance panel

Illustrator screenshot

The desired effect:

Illustrator screenshot

The reason not to use a clipping mask is to save the result as a graphic style to have the ability to apply it dynamically or through an action so I don't have to re-draw masks every time I use this effect.


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You can't do it with one object and Appearance rectangles.

Convert to Shape effects in the Appearance panel remain at their shape. You can scale and move them, but you can't dynamically change their general shape - rectangle or ellipse (well, you can with other effects, but I'm unaware of a "shield shape" effect).

There's no way to "mask" or "trim" the Convert to Shape effects. You are asking for the impossible.

Separate objects rather than the Appearance Panel will work.

If you are dead set on using an Appearance stack, the only way I know to pull off what you want is via a gradient fill and gradient stops which line up.....

enter image description here

Gradient Stops in the same "location" create more of a solid line between the colors.

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