Robotis Inc. uses this font in the logo.

Logo of Robotis Inc.

It's also used in their product names, as you can see on their webseite. Here are a few examples.

Robotis Dynamixel Pro

Robotis Darwin-Mini

I manually moved the letters apart a bit, so that WhatTheFont can detect them, but it does not list very similar fonts. What font is this?

  • We have a collection of font identification resources right here, and it is a good idea to try those first. Please let us know what you have tried without luck. Always good to show a little effort, and chances of getting a good answer increase. Thanks!
    – Vincent
    Feb 6 '15 at 12:38
  • ...and please keep the possibility in mind that this is a custom-designed typeface.
    – Vincent
    Feb 6 '15 at 12:38
  • @Vincent Thanks for the link, I'll try the services and tell you if I could come up with something.
    – danijar
    Feb 6 '15 at 13:41

Identifont did the trick. It looks like Robotis Inc. built on Viper Squadron Solid, but added angle cuts to some letters.

Viper Squadron


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