I need to prepare our company logo for printing on some envelopes. These are the instructions I was given:

Everything as two spot colors - Reflex Blue and 100% Black with screens of black for the greys

I've already taken care of making sure my blue is the Reflex blue pantone in Illustrator, but what does it mean to use "100% black with screens of black for greys?"

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    I suppose they mean tints. You can make those by selecting a black shape, and then setting the tint in the Color palette.
    – Vincent
    Feb 6 '15 at 17:20

If you want a grey, use 50% black or 30% black or 20% black....

Don't use a "grey" color.

(You can also use 50% Reflex, 30% Reflex, 20% reflex, etc.)

Everything needs to be those two colors, set at any percentage.

enter image description here


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