I'm not very technical and want to know if there is an app or software I can download to put my own photos into a letter to create my own font? Like the word MUMMY done but eith images of her children filling the letter?


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I'm assuming you will use Adobe Photoshop to make this work. So here are the steps for it:

  • Open a new template.
  • Write the word Mummy on the new layer.
  • Now drag and drop the image you want to bring over the text in this template. After bringing the image, right click on the layer of the image and click on "Create Clipping Mask".
  • The image will now be in the text, you can resize the image according to your want.

Hope that helped.

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I would recommend using adobe illustrator if you intend on creating a font, write a letter, right click on it, select Create Outlines, place an image over it, select them both and press Ctrl+7 (Clipping Mask). (You can do the same with the entire word, not just one letter.)

It would be best if your images were vectorial cause of not, you will experience "bad things" when using the font and choosing a big font size.

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