I'm creating a mini game where you are driving a car in a desert. You're looking at the car from above. I already have a model for the car, but now I'm trying to create an animation of sand coming from under the wheels of the car. I've been trying to find a gif that I can modify with GIMP (by adding the car manually) but I couldn't find one. Since, I'm new to this I can't find an easy solution to this problem.

Does anyone here have any ideas on how to do this?

Here's the model of the car:

enter image description here


You’re probably after a particle system.

Many 3D tools have a particle system. If you’re using a Mac, Quartz Composer (a free app that’s part of Apple’s developer tools) might be what you’re after. It a very old and well established feature, so lots of applications have it.

Here’s something I made using Quartz Composer’s particle system.

Particle System animation

If you do a Google image search for particle system animation, the results probably look similar to what you’re after.


It’s pretty common for many games to run the particle system live in the game engine. That might also be an option.

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