I'm creating a booklet with indesign and I am trying to copy data from an excel spreadsheet into an indesign table. I was given an excel spread sheet with the a list of peoples names, their titles and their companies. I have to put a name in one column and then in the other put the company name and their title, as the picture (1) here illustrates:

enter image description here

Where the problem arises is trying to merge two cells in excel so that they are underneath each other and then paste it into one cell in the indesign table.


I tried to combine column C and D (as IN THE PICTURE) and insert a new line between the columns. (=C1&CHAR(10)&D1)

This worked in Excel but when copying it into indesign they do not go underneath each other but into different cells and they also show " quotation marks around the text.

I know there must be a relatively simple way of doing this in Excel and then copying it into indesign but I have run out of ideas. Can anyone tell me the best way to approach this as I am stuck. Thanks in advance.

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    It's actually much easier to use a table in Indesign which contains the same amount of cells. Then copy/paste and adjust (merge cells) the Indesign table.
    – Scott
    Feb 22, 2015 at 20:41
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    Another trick is to put a nonsense character between title and company in Excel (in Column D, moving company to Column E), and then search/replace for a soft return in InDesign. The quote marks you just have to S/R to remove, I'm afraid. Feb 22, 2015 at 21:04

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Never use any new line characters in your Excel data. When InDesign comes across a new line character it will begin a new row, and not a new line within the same cell.

You're on the right track concatenating the two columns into one in Excel, but, as Lauren Ipsum suggests, use a placeholder (eg. a tilde '~') instead of the CHAR(10).

Then, copy your Excel data and paste it into an InDesign table. Then Find/Change each tilde with a new line character and you're done.

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