I am making a website mockup in adobe fire works. I noticed that i need more space so i try to change the canvas size vertically and it does add more space but i notice that my content is moved out of place for some reason. Anyone know how i can prevent my content from moving and still add more canvas size space vertically?

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Well this is not supposed to happen and I've never seen that happening. But there is a workaround that might help. Draw a shape (for example a rectangle) that is bigger than the canvas. Make it size and position it as you want your new canvas to be, and then press Fit Canvas on the Properties panel (no objects should be selected to see that button). Now you can delete the rectangle.


When you go to do this, there should be a 3x3 arrangement of little boxes to describe how your content is positioned within the new space. Default has it in the middle, you probably want top.

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