I am just trying to align created Symbols or linked docs in Illustrator to pixel. For some reason the "align to pixel"-option does apply to everything besides linked docs and symbols. Is there any work arround or do I have to adjust the position everytime I reposition my Symbols or linked docs?

Thanks in Advance


It may be your symbol not aligned properly in Grid to Grid pixel, if you are set the symbol to Grid no need to adjust every time.

see the difference

enter image description here

  • I found my mistake. The origin of my transformation was the center of the object.. that causes weir pixel position most of the time. But i still ahve the problem for linked documents – Marten Zander Mar 3 '15 at 14:05

Notice there are 2 places to call the align to pixel grid and they both must be checked:
enter image description here

  • I already enabled "align new objects to pixel grid" on the "new document" panel – Marten Zander Mar 5 '15 at 9:47

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