I have problem when I slice my shape here and put it in the same place here is like a small line between cut object and original object.

  1. So I have created a shape.
  2. I have cut it with unchecked anti aliasing checkmark
  3. I pasted it back to the position.

Here is video how it looks like. Thank for help!


There is no issue

When using a zoom level, other than 100%, Photoshop softens the edges for a nicer view. The actual layer data is hard edged as expected, the view is softened, only.


In photoshop you never want to use cut and paste
Right photoshop work would be:
1. Select the area
2. Go to the layers window, duplicate the layer with cmd/ctrl J. You'll get a new layer with only the selected part.
3.Reselect the same layer (on the layers window hold cms/ctrl)
4. Inverse the selection (Select>inverse)
5. Go to the original layer and create a mask
I know it sounds complicated compared to 2 simple keyboard shortcuts but when you start doing more complicated things you will understand how important it is to work properly and everything I wrote down will be as simple and fast for you as cms+z>cmd>v

  • thank you for answer, here still the same issue with scale. On the step 5 I selected first my lever with inverted selection and make cmd j to duplicated it. – Matrosov Alexander Mar 4 '15 at 12:53
  • It does not matter which workflow you choose, the zoom level anti aliasing will always have this side effect. – Mario Mar 4 '15 at 14:17
  • Why would it be bad to use cut and paste? – lucidbrot May 7 '16 at 12:06

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