I use InDesign 4. I do a lengthy quarterly journal for a non-profit. I always start my articles with a drop cap, but now I have one that begins with a open quotation mark. Is there any way to leave that small and "drop cap" the first actual letter (the 2nd character)?

  • Typography-wise I would enlarge both the quotation mark and the first letter – Naty Mar 7 '15 at 20:37

When I've seen this happen in books, I've seen the quotation mark included in the drop cap (so two characters). Otherwise the quote mark becomes invisible. If you're determined, though, I would remove it from your main text frame and set it in its own frame individually in the margin.

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I feel your pain — I recently had the same dilemma — after several frustrating hours and a lot of web searching I settled on this solution: use a paragraph style with 2 nested character styles

Example explanation {you can use your own choice of "paragraph" & 'character' style names - these are the ones I used):

"Drop Cap Quote2" (paragraph style) drop cap: lines = 2 (or however many you want) / characters = 2 / styles = none (The character styles can be predefined or created through the add new style section of this submenu.) nested styles: (add new style) 'DropCap-Quote' [through] [1] [characters] / (add new style) 'DropCap-Letter' [through] [1] [letters]

'DropCap-Quote' (character style) (these settings will probably need some adjustment - use whatever looks good to the font you are using)

  • add a bit of positive tracking > +10 or so
  • {Advanced Character Formats} Horizontal scale = 73% / vertical scale = 75% / Base Line shift +6

'DropCap-Letter' (character style) (set this character to the font size & leading that you are using for the rest of the paragraph text - you can set this character to be bold or a colour as well) - add positive tracking > +75 or so

It takes a bit to setup - but once done it should save you a lot of time.


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