I am pretty much a noob with respect to most power features of Gimp and graphics design in general. I found the tutorial here on texture creation to be very interesting and helpful. I had a couple of questions regarding it which I can't ask the author as there [apparently] is no comment mechanism.

(1) The basic pattern used by the tutorial looks like it may have been generated by the Distorts|Mosaic filter. Inspection of the 512x512 pattern reveals that it's actually a tiled 256x256 pattern. Is it possible to generate a "seamless mosaic" tile algorithmically?

(2) In the event that (1) must be undertaken manually, are there preferred methods for doing so? I am familiar with the offset x/2,y/2 method and played around with it while looking at this tutorial. Are there alternative/preferred approaches?

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To do so go to Filters > Map > Tile enter image description here

Then change size to your desired size enter image description here

To change current image uncheck "Create New Image" I would suggest keeping that checked to create a new image. Then click OK.

enter image description here

As you can see it has created a new image. In my example the original size was 100x100 The tiled size is 400x400.

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