I have a triangle and a line and i want the tip of the triangle to connect with the line. However, every single time illustrator wants to intersect with other shapes (there is quite a lot of stuff around it) and totally forgets to snap to the anchor at the end of the line. PLEASE help me before i throw my goddamned laptop out of the window. How do i make illustrator prioritize snapping to anchors instead of snapping to stuff that is totally far away?

I have snap to pixel grid turned off btw

  • please add an image to make the problem more clear
    – Naty
    Mar 23, 2015 at 12:36

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You can try to disable features of smart guides. Go to Edit → Preferences → Smart Guides and uncheck all the options. Smart guides will now snap to a considerably smaller set of things, and should snap more easily to endpoints.


Actually, it turned out you have to physically grab the anchor in order to get it to snap to another anchor. This it totally counterintuitive for me, but at least i got my image. It would be great if you can just grab the shape anywhere and have an automatic snap to anchor.

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