I made a book in Illustrator, and I would like to replace a word with another word (e.g "Bread" into "Rice"). If I was using MS Word, I could simply Ctrl+H and do a word replace. How about in Adobe Illustrator?

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Go to "Main menu > Edit > Find and replace".

It's exactly the same as other applications, just without the keyboard shortcut (it's a less commonly used feature, and those keys are used for other things: CTRL+F for Paste in Front, CTRL+H for Show/Hide Edges).

Incidentally, making a book in Illustrator is quite unusual. It's more common to assemble the book in InDesign and use Illustrator for illustrations, which are then placed into the InDesign file.

  • ah thank you for the answer... I usually using Illustrator first and then exported to indesign for finalizing. Yeah its quite unusual workflow, because I more familiar with Illustrator tool
    – yuan-h
    Mar 25, 2015 at 13:27

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