I am a looking for a software that you can draw using a mouse example: many users are using Paint Tool Sai for drawing and sketching anime.

I am looking for that kind of software, full version and free with no payment.

I`ll show you what it looks like...

this is what paint tool sai looks like.. I am searching for a similar program like this one.. but more complete and useful. I got the same program and it said at the top of the bar 3 days trial, so I only downloaded the trial.

Can you guys help me and suggest a program?

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I would not know, because I've always used Photoshop. This question was very easily solved with a Google search though.

You could try GIMP

I've never used it, so I can't speak on its behalf, but I have seen several posts on here about it, so I know it's probably decent.


If you need open source drawing applications i would consider:


You can use Autodesk Sketch Book pro, it is very good and powerful for this type usage.

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