I have a cube that I created in Photoshop CS6 using the 3D tools. However, I want the corners on the cube to be rounded, similar to those on dice.

How can I accomplish this?

Here is an example of what I am looking for:


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In Photoshop

Choose Rounded Rectangle Tool with your desired radius and hold shift to make a perfect rounded square.

Open 3D Tools palette (Window - 3D). And create a new 3D object from the rounded rectangular shape by clicking create.

Then apply the 3D settings in the Repousse window, rotate your created shape using Rotate The Mesh tool to change the perspective of the cube.

Note: The above image was made in a 3d modeling program Cheetah3d. You will have a lot more control creating 3d objects in a 3d modeling program.

  • I am using CS6, and I would like to keep it a 3D object instead of rasterizing it. – Jacob Apr 8 '15 at 15:04
  • I was wrong, it shouldn't ask you to rasterize the layer. Have you tried and of these steps? – AndrewH Apr 8 '15 at 15:13
  • I followed this tutorial: photoshopcafe.com/photocube-tutorial.htm and want to make the corners round – Jacob Apr 8 '15 at 15:14
  • Well to make a round cube, you will need to follow the steps I have written above and then apply the texture (which is step 5 in your tutorial you have linked). The preset they used in step 2 is a square cube. Please attempt the directions I have written above. – AndrewH Apr 8 '15 at 15:24
  • Hi, I'm sorry for the late response. I have been traveling the last few days. I have followed your directions up until step 3. What is the repousse window? When I created the 3D object, it seems as though only the face with the rounded rectangle has rounded corners. – Jacob Apr 10 '15 at 5:42

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