I'm working with a hand calligraphy piece which I've cleaned up in photoshop - removed specs etc and used magic wand to delete the background. When I try and then drag and drop this into illustrator with the two files side by side it shows a little white arrow that suggests I can drag it directly, however the artwork doesn't appear in Illustrator. The drag and drop trick works with text but not with my artwork?

Any suggestions appreciated.


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I tried drag and dropping images into Illustrator myself to no avail, but is it possible for you to simply "place" the image into the Illustrator file? It is the same function as in InDesign, but Illustrator does not give it a shortcut.

enter image description here

Just go to File -> Place, and then open your Photoshop file into the Illustrator file.

Hope this helps!


Are you using the Move tool (v)? All I did was drag the entire canvas from Photoshop to Illustrator (both CC 2014) and it worked fine.

Otherwise, copy and paste or Place, as Anjelli suggested, should work fine too.

  • Thanks I can't get it to work with the move tool still, but the method above works. – Laura Apr 10 '15 at 14:43

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