How to make this kind of shape in photoshop? text split in slash and add color.

text box shape split with slash

I know its basic stuff but I have no idea. Last time PS used was like 4 years back. Please help.. I am using Photoshop CC. Thank you.

EDIT : LOL Thank You!


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Use the Shape Tools to draw a rounded rectangle.

Use the Pen Tool and it's options to square-off one end.

Use the Direct Selection Tool to move an anchor on the square end so it's at an angle.

Duplicate and flip the shape layer you have and use the Direct Selection Tool to alter the angle.

Duplicate the shape layer again, square off the other side, and adjust its angle.

enter image description here

You can then just double-click the layers to change their colors.

(I'd do a better job of making certain the angles were all the same and equidistant if I were actually going to use this.)


Do you usually use InDesign? Photoshop's text boxes are very different. You have to create the shape you want, then just use text as a separate object. I'm sure there is a much easier way, but this is how I would do it!

p.s. I have to add that it drives me insane that the separating lines aren't the same angle!

  1. Select the Rounded Rectangle object and create a rectangle. enter image description here

  2. To adjust the roundness of the corners, adjust the px to around 40-something in the properties (default is usually around 10px). This is also where you can double-click the color and select your desired color. enter image description here

  3. Create 2 white lines to seperate the sections. The Line tool is in the same location as the Rounded Rectangle - just right click the shape, and you'll see "line" as an option. Again, make the color white in the properties box and adjust the angle. "Ctrl+T" will allow you to transform. Once you have the right size/color, duplicate the object by right clicking the layer and Duplicate Layer enter image description here enter image description here

  4. Now highlight all three layers (rounded rectangle, shape 1, shape 1 copy) & Rasterize

enter image description here

  1. While still highlighted, merge the layers (right click, Merge Layers).

  2. Select the Paint Bucket tool. Press "alt" & click desired color to make it that color, or select new color. click inside the box you wish to paint. repeat with the blue. enter image description here

  3. Now, just use the text tool to write over each object.

I hope that helps some, and if someone has a better way, please post!


Make the object with the shape tool. Either use the pen tool or make a new shape and then skew it (Edit -> Transform -> Skew) to get the angled look and then apply it as a clipping mask over the first shape. Apply a stroke using a layer effect.


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