I am designing a business card, and was using DIN Black as a title font. I was thinking of putting the contact information in Georgia, underneath. Anyone have any experience working with DIN Black as a title font?

  • most any would go with it. Hard to say without much more context (seeing the layout, type of company, size of type, etc.)
    – DA01
    Dec 19, 2011 at 19:09

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DIN Black has a somewhat condensed architecture, so I would not pair it with Georgia. Look at the relative widths of characters such as the lowercase n, d and o, for example. Minion Condensed or a similar narrow serif face would be a much more satisfactory choice.


I've paired Din Pro with Proforma. Because of shared origin and history I thought they should share some qualities. I didn't have Documenta, which I think, could have been a better pairing.

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