I am trying to export the following layout to ePub: enter image description here

As you can see there are following components to the layout:

  1. Chapter number
  2. Chapter title
  3. Circle with inline and curveline text
  4. Body text

However, when trying to export the page to ePub, I get the following mess: enter image description here enter image description here

I do understand that ePub treats all indesign items in a linear order and hence splits them vertically. Is there any way to retain the layout during export? Any way to retain, say, the first 3 items listed above as a single image leaving the body text reflowable? I tried using the Object Export option but it didn't help.

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It appears to be both a problem of implementation and design approach.

From the International Digital Publishing Forum page:

The background-image property remains largely unsupported because of the reflowable nature of EPUBs. Although support may increase as fixed-layout publications get supported, use of images is not recommended in general, reflowable publications.

As the text / image size relationship will vary depending on the renderer (from a tiny smartphone screen to a tablet or computer screen, with varying font size, modifiable by the user), it may not be a good idea to place text over images at all.

In this particular case, you may be able to make an image header with the number 2 and the shoes, putting the rest of the text afterwards without overlaying the image and modifying the circle with the "56 words" in a more elegant way -than the solution offered by InDesign. It may help to remember that ePub is closer to Dreamweaver than Photoshop capabilities.

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