Kulu is a company that makes rolling papers. I was looking for a high res image of their logo and when I realized I couldn't find one I was gearing up to re-create it but became interested in what the type they used was. I'm also interested in any similar fonts as I suspect this may be custom.

I tried using identifont but because there are only 3 letters in the brand name it wasn't conclusive. The same goes for Whatthefont, as the image is so lo-res it's not picking up the letterforms. I tried Serif search too, but again a lack of letters doesnt lend to making this search easy.

Kulu logo

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    Create your own font. As @Alan Gilbertson said in this answer : To create a font, you need a font editing program. FontCreator is quite popular and inexpensive. FontForge is an open source font editor, if you're up to the somewhat dense documentation. FontLab has a utility called TypeTool, a little more expensive but has a good reputation. Commented Apr 23, 2015 at 17:16

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Is this definitely: ITC Fat Face from Paratype.com by Herbert Lubalin, one of the most important graphic designers from the 70's.

ITC Fat Face



I think that it is very difficult to find a font that matches the "kulu" logo 100%, however...

Floral font looks close to it:

enter image description here

Making it narrower and taller will result in even closer look.

  • ah thanks! this is very close. The "K" is definitely more ornamental in their version, but this is a great starting point
    – Tyler M
    Commented Apr 24, 2015 at 18:26

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