I looked for a physical map of Jordan and found this, which is exactly what I need except for the red lines. How can I remove the red lines?

I tried in GIMP Select->By Color, selected all the red lines and clicked "delete", but then the red lines were replaced by white lines.

Is there a way to replace the red lines with colors similar to their surroundings, such that the image looks smooth?


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There is no automatic way, such as you're looking for. At least, not to my knowledge.

You could have a go at it with the clone or healing tool, which can yield ok results.

  • Select the healing brush.
  • Set it to hardness 025 and size 30.
  • ctrl-click next to the line.
  • Draw over the line.
  • Optional: fix things a bit with blur brush.

remove lines in Gimp with Healing brush

Although this can yield ok-ish results, it's work intensive and not all that great. But I can't think of a better way, except maybe choose a different image.

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