I found a PNG pixelated image on the net (16*16) and under the "Filters" blur effect are grayed out and unclickable. Even when I size it up it still doesn't get blurred (which happens by default). I'm using a Gimp version on Edubuntu titled "2.2.13-1ubuntu4.4 (gimp)" and I'm not able to install a newer one. So far this is the only image where some features doesn't seem to work. I reopened it a couple of times and it's always the same. What seems to be the problem?

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Some effects like blur can not be applied on indexed formats. You will have to change the image mode to RGB first.

In Gimp this is done by selecting Image > Mode > RGB from the top menu bar.

  • That was the problem, thanks :) (I'm on an outdated browser so hopefully I checked "best answer")
    – Vladimir
    Commented Apr 24, 2015 at 19:20

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