By default, the fill tool in Photoshop with contiguous on, would perform an operation such that the specified colour floods until it touches the detected boundaries.

Is there a way of modifying the fill tool, or a series of steps, that would allow the fill colour to flow past the detected boundaries by a specified amount of pixels. Almost like a stroke around the filled colour but with the colour of the stroke corresponding to the fill.

If such is not possible in Photoshop, could I be directed to software that has such capabilities, preferably a free raster image editor.

  • Could make a copy, scale the copy, and remove the border on the copy Commented Apr 26, 2015 at 14:10

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I don't know that it's possible with just the Fill tool, but there are a couple ways to do this. You could instead use the Magic Wand tool to make a selection then use Select > Modify > Expand... to add your "stroke", then fill it with Edit > Fill...

Another way you already said it yourself...it's just a stroke, so you could just add a stroke to the layer. Start by creating a new empty layer, then make sure Contiguous and All Layers are checked in the fill tool options

Fill tool options

Fill your area, then add a Stroke with the same fill color.

Fill with stroke

I would prefer the latter method as it would allow me to modify the width of the stroke later on if necessary.


You can't use it with the fill tool, but maybe you can write a script that combines the select, expand and fill tools to achieve your desired result.

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