I have a problem moving the selected artboards: only the first one in the batch moves while the selection had shown all N artboards selected (first and last artboards having the white small squares around them after I click and drag the left key on my mouse).

I need this feature when I realize that I left out something I meant to go in the middle AFTER having drawn the end screens and now there is no room for them. To preserve the logical order of the artboards I prefer to order them and currently have to do it manually dragging each and every artboard one by one to give the forgotten artboards some room.

I am pretty new to Sketch and may just have as well missed this function, please help.

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Use the layers panel

I find the easiest way to accurately select multiple artboards is the layers panel. Collapse the artboard groups (if your list is too long), then command-click each title you're after.

Artboards selected in the layers panel

Three ways to move

  1. Click and drag the title of any selected artboard in the workspace. Don't miss or you'll lose your selection! (>_<)
  2. Use the cursor keys (with shift for bigger jumps). Tedious, but foolproof.
  3. Enter values in the x/y position fields. Accurate, but often requires a guess.

Empty x/y position fields

^ As you can see above, if your artboards don't share a common dimension, the x/y positions will be blank. Entering a value will align them all to that position. This can be a very handy way to organize your file.


In order for you to move multiple artboards at once, you'll have to do a batch select by Shift-Clicking the artboards' titles you want to move, and then drag all of them around by Click-Dragging a title.

You cant move multiple artboards at once by Drag-Selecting them.

  • while shift-selecting the title did work the way I expected, drag-selecting didn't. Only the artboard that has the mouse pointer over it moves. Am I doing it wrong? I hold the left mouse key and drag the pointer over the needed artboards. May 25, 2015 at 11:14
  • I did a quick screencast on how to do it: recordit.co/c6VyNhlTw2 1. Select Artboard titles you want to move while holding shift 2. Click and drag on any title you've just selected. May 26, 2015 at 11:54

I often have problems with the auto-selection feature grabbing a layer and moving the layer instead of the artboard. Select the artboards you want to move in the layers panel, then hold Option + Command to keep Sketch from changing or releasing your selection. Drag (from anywhere) to your heart's content.


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After updating to Sketch Version 3.4. You now need to hold down 'command + option' to drag and move an artboard around the canvas.

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This Sketch plugin selects the artboards of all selected layers:


This can be used for moving artboards on the canvas, or reordering them on the left layers panel.


I confirm that this plugin works for this purpose: https://github.com/romannurik/Sketch-ArtboardTricks

You drag-select artboards on the canvas, then press ctrl + cmd + A and it changes the selection from layers to the artboards instead.



Easy peasy lemon squeezy, I got you boss.

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