I Have

shutterstock_219776725.eps that I downloaded from http://www.shutterstock.com/ , it looks like this when I open it in Photoshop.

enter image description here

I want

to export all those icons in there into its own pieces so I can use them on my website.

I've tried

doing this manually one-by-one is very time-consuming, now I'm thinking to automate export all of them.


Is there any Mac application out there that help me achieve this such task ? What is the fastest way to extract all the icons from that .eps file ?



After loading my shutterstock_219776725.eps in Illustartor. I see one layer. When I click on the left arrow, I see all the sublayers.

enter image description here

I've also tried

follow this link : http://blog.iconfinder.com/how-to-export-multiple-layers-to-svg-files-in-adobe-illustrator/

And use this script (Export-Layers-as-PNG.jsx): http://blog.iconfinder.com/how-to-export-multiple-layers-to-svg-files-in-adobe-illustrator/

Place that script in here : /Applications/Adobe\ Illustrator\ CC\ 2014/Presets.localized/en_US/Scripts/Export-Layers-as-PNG.jsx

Then, I tried to export using the script. I still couldn't see anything exported.

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    Based on your update I would recommend using artboards for export. Assuming the icons are spread out on a grid I would make a grid of artboards (you can also create rectangles and then convert them to artboards) and export those.
    – KMSTR
    May 5, 2015 at 5:27

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Automation would be a waste of time unless you need to do this on a lot of images. The easy thing to do in Photoshop, is to drag out guides into a grid enclosing your icons. Then use the slice tool. Select the slice tool and look in the Options bar. There should be an option for "Slices from Guides". Then Photoshop will let you save each slice and assign URL's and so forth in the Save For Web dialogue. These tools are specifically designed for web developement.

  • Thank you for your advice. I'm learning how to do it now.
    – code-8
    May 4, 2015 at 16:20

Someone else said Illustrator but didn't really go into a lot of detail.

Open the eps in Illustrator. Use the select tool (key command v) to drag a box around the icon you'd like to convert. Go to object > artboards > fit to selected art. The rest of the image will remain but won't be included in the png.

From there go to file>save for web and devices

After you've saved your png you can ctrl+z or command+z to step back until your artboard is back to normal and repeat.

  • But do you know how to export all of them at once. I'm trying to avoid exporting them one-by-one here. Please let me know if you do.
    – code-8
    May 4, 2015 at 18:04
  • 1
    I know a sort of work around, but it still doesn't do it in one simple step. Create a new document with the number of artboards being the number of icons. Going off your image you'd need 6 columns, you'd have to check the spacing in between as well as the icon size you'd want. If you copy and paste the image in then the icons should fill the artboards. You can then save them for web as you did before, but you'll still have to do one artboard at a time. May 4, 2015 at 18:11
  • Thanks for your time trying to help me. I'll just keep looking/researching until I find the best one. I'll answer it here. :D
    – code-8
    May 4, 2015 at 18:42

There is no tool that can automagically do this in one action. Both drawing slices in PS and drawing artboards in illustrator are sane options. The EPS format itself gives no structural guarantees for ensuring that this in fact can be done.

A software could be made to do this. How well it would work depends on strategy used. For this case its pretty trivial to do. How well it would work as a general tool is another thing. Which leads us to the point that its not really worth automating this with only one file. Although certainly a slice into grid tool could be scripted easily.

In this particular case you could do the following: Select groups from the layers palette. From layers palette menu (small icon in upper right corner) choose release to layers. Then use export layers extension to export each layer. Note your icons would still retain the text which could be easily deleted before doing this.

Slicing to grid would also be pretty easy to do with imagemagick.

  1. Open in Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Create artboards underneath icons.
  3. Export artboards as PNG.

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