I am trying to recreate a diagram of a Brillouin Zone in 3ds Max which looks as follows:

FCC Brillouin Zone

I successfully recreated the polygon shape in Pro/Engineer and imported the .prt into my setup environment (cameras lighting backdrop etc) and it looks like this:

Set up BZ in 3ds Max

I'm still very new to materials. I'm having trouble finding a material that shows the faceting under the light clearly (seeing the back of the shape through the transparency would also be great but optional) as well as the sphere I placed at its centre. Using solid glass or liquid materials either results in a cloudy transparency (inner sphere poorly visible) or the faceting being really poorly defined if I increase the transparency (sphere visible).

Could you suggest a material + properties that are see through (with a 1.0 refractive index) and yet show the inside clearly. On the link below I include a MWE file of my setup with the BZ and sphere and materials I have been tinkering with. Much appreciated!

Download 3ds max file from FileDropper

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Well in the end I got there through intuitive trial and error and minor knowledge boost. I used the following settings:

Standard material settings

It turns out that using fancy materials was not the solution and the best way was to work out a specular/glossiness and transparency balance for a standard material.


1st BZ of FCC material with symmetry points

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