I want a book where each new chapter has a page which displays a ToC containing the headers within that chapter.

The problem I'm running into is that indesign generates the contents for the entire document and I haven't been able to find a way to limit it to a single section.

I know I can probably do it by making a book out of multiple documents, but the truth is that the publication is short enough that it's not worth the effort.

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I see two solutions:

1) Generate your full-book TOC and copy-paste your text in chunks as needed. (I think this is the faster way.)

2) Create a set of otherwise identical styles for each chapter. So you have your Chapter Headers style, and then duplicate it multiple times to create CH1, CH2, CH3, etc. A lot more moving parts depending on how many chapters you have, but then you can use each different set of styles to create individual TOC lists.


I copy-paste the same answer I gave here – Of course H1, H2, H3 are your CH1, CH2, CH3.

Of course you can! You need to create a new paragraph style (let's say H-Section). At the start of each section put a text box with the H-Section.

Create a table of Style that lists your entries H1, H2, H3 e H-Section. To the entry from H-Section set a Paragraph Style that makes the text start from "In Next Frame" (Keep Options - Start Paragraph).

When you create the TOC the Style set to H-Section will make the text jump to another frame. All you have to do is creating a threaded text frame in each section starting page.

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