Could you please tell me the name of the font used in the logo of Publix Super Markets, Inc.?

From https://sribu-sg.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/media/contest/2014/1/design-logo-untuk-pt-purwaland-development-housing-developer-52dd49b7a4b1b051af0001d6/ded95c4.jpg Mystery Font

Neither WhatTheFont! or What Font Is return reliable results, with WhatTheFont! suggesting WorldOfWater and What Font Is suggesting HarryHeavy or Sinn, none of which are quite right.


The characters in the Publix logo look very similar to a font family called 'Horatio' — with a small amount of modification to the dot over the 'i'. Hope that helps.


It's either custom drawn letters or modified from a stock font like Bauhaus. It's not likely out of the box.

Here are some similar free fonts that could be used as a starting point to modify: http://www.fontspace.com/category/bauhaus


Publix probably have a custom logo font from the scratch, so probability is there they might not have created all the alphabets (just created p-u-b-l-i-x).

Some fonts look similar but all the alphabets does not match exactly. You can check Bauhaus font and Sinn only the shape of the x, the height of i are different.

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According to Delta Fonts, the font used for Publix logo is Opificio Bold.


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