Ive got an inDesign document with my main artboards, around the artboards are all the images / text etc that i haven't used / included. Normally these items off the artboard are completely legible, but for some reason the images seem greyed out and if i place text in the side areas it dosnt show up at all unless its bounding text box is selected.

Any idea why this is / how to resolve it ? I guess it must have been triggered by a particular setting being turned on, ive browsed through the view tool bar but couldnt see anything that would seem to effect it.

This is a screenshot of how the off artboard images currently looks

artboard screenshot

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Overprint Preview is on. CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Y to turn it off or it's the first item in the View toolbar.


For me it was Proof Colors. You can turn it off with CTRL + Y

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