I was asked to create a poster about posters for a conference poster session. The poster topic is about "unpublished" posters created by Soviet artists during 1985-1991s. I'm completely new to this job. My part is only to arrange text blocks and figures.
So, a few questions arise:

  • Can I scan/make photos of these posters and paste them?
  • Can I paste only fragments of them? Should I?
  • What is the suitable balance between text and pictures?

Any help is highly appreciated.

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sounds like you are making an infographic about creating posters.

I'd start brainstorming about what type of posters you will be making. That is are they materials for internal use or more marketing to eventual customers. I like https://bubbl.us/ for brainstorming.

Once you have your target audience that will greatly help what design style the audience may react to.

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