In what situations am I required to license fonts from its original creator? For example, if I design a poster or a card for personal use and I use a font I have downloaded online or have paid for the use of it, do I have to license the font?

What if I am using the font for commercial purposes? (Websites, phone apps, ...)

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    Re "if I .... have paid for the use of it, do I have to license the font?" Not sure if I need to clarify this, but paying for use of a font is licencing it.
    – e100
    Commented Jan 20, 2011 at 18:49

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Uses and rights vary by creator, and you need to read the license that comes with the fonts you are using for details.

In general, you need a license for each person who is using a font and a license for the printer, though the latter varies even more than the former. Redistribution of a font for electronic purposes is still relatively new and may require special permission if not a separate license from the creator if not explicitly given in the agreement that was sent with the font files.

You'll want to look at this question for a more detailed discussion of how it all works.

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