I'm using Adobe Illustrator CC. I have a clipping mask with text over colored rectangles. I want to apply stroke to the text in the clipping mask without applying stroke to the rectangles. This is what happens:

text over rectangles

I apply the clipping mask:

text clipping mask

I apply the stroke:

clipping mask with stroke

and now you see the rectangles also have stroke applied. How to I make it so only the text has a stroke? Thank you.


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You can use the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow) to select the paths of the clipping mask and add a stroke to them. Do not use the Selection Tool (black arrow).

enter image description here

I'd just use a gradient with middle stops as an extra fill on text objects, allowing the text to remain "live" and editable.

enter image description here

This is easiest with single lines of text, but the gradient can be configured for multi-line text as well. Save this as a Graphic Style and it can be applied to any text with two clicks.

  • Thank you! This is a fantastic response, and not only solved my problem, but taught me things as well. Much appreciated!
    – wideyes
    May 24, 2015 at 2:34

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