I drew a golden cup which you can see below by illustrator. Actually I am looking for speeding up ways for drawing . I'm familiar with blend tool which we can create series of shapes if we have first shape and last shape , but its happen along straight line. I want to know if we can blend objects along curve and path .

enter image description here

as you see in image , there are some leaves that are located around the curve line.

I wanted to know can I generate these leaves around a curve line by using some tools (or maybe blend tool ) in illustrator instead of drawing each leaf ?

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Alright well this is somewhat two different questions. For help with your leaf issue you might want to see this related question: Distribute objects along a path in Illustrator

Now as far as blending along a path, sure.

Can use Replace Spine:

Replace Spine

or manually adjust the path however you want, this works before or after replacing the spine. Its just like any other path:

  1. First create your blend:

Original Blend

  1. Now add anchor point(s) to the newly created path:

Blend with anchor point added

  1. Adjust like any other path:

Blend along path


Replace the spine of a blend.

Create a blend.
Draw a path that you want the blend to follow
Select the blend and your path
Choose Object > Blend > Replace Spine

This will replace the straight path of the blend with your new path, whatever it is.

enter image description here

More info on blends can be found by reviewing the help files.

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