This may be the wrong place to post this type of question but here i go...

So recently i've been really interested in motion design like the examples i've put below example 1 example 2

But i'm not too sure where to start or even begin, could you offer some insight or tips on where i should start an begin when looking at these type of animations.

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I would not consider that motion graphics, but 2D character animation.

Where to begin is not a clear question because we don't know where you currently are.


  • Do you know how to draw at all? (Pencil and paper)

  • Do you know how to draw on a computer? (Paint, yes... paint or something similar)

  • Do you know how to make a character in vectors? (Corel, Illustrator, Serif Draw, Inkscape)


  • Do you know how to animate? (Drawing the sides of the books of the school, playing with Play Doh and a camera)

  • Do you know any principles of animation?

  • Do you "see" the physics related to animation? (preparation, elasticity, action-reaction)

  • Do you know the difference in a drawn by hand animation and an interpolated one? (Please guys correct if that is not the right term)

If you know all that, then the next step is an animation program. These may be useful.

There are some other programs for 2D drawn animation.


I agree that these are not motion graphics but are 2D animations and if you are at a level where you know design programs like illustrator or photoshop to create flat illustrations, I recommend to start with after effects for animations. This is a good program to learn how to work with basic animations (or more complex) and timelines.

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