When I upload my logo in png, it's coming with a pixelated white edge. When I send in jpeg, it's not sharp enough. How should I do it?

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    You've provided practically no information whatsoever. Upload where? What's the original format of the logo? What's the size of the logo? What's the size displayed after you upload?
    – Scott
    Jun 6 '15 at 2:26

If you have the logo vector file...you could export as .SVG. Have a look here: https://css-tricks.com/using-svg

It will look the same across all sizes and users devices.


What is the resolution of your image and what's the size of your element? I had a similar issue in the past although my image had great quality. Save as 300dpi and use a very high resolution i.e. 1200px - 720px and PNG of course as it tends to work better for sharp edges. However, I'm not sure if using a very high res is the best solution but thats how I solved my problem and didn't see any noticeable downsides.

Read more about Image Compression


You should try designing your logo on a canvas double the size of the original height and width of your logo. Once complete the design, just go to File > Save For Web > Select the desired image format, give in the original height and width of your logo and click on the save button.


I'm guessing you have saved it as an 8 bit png, or it's been cut out of a white background poorly. Best is to save as an svg. If you can't do that then a 32 bit png with transparency.

Note, if you are scaling the image down in the browser then some browsers will perform better than others. Ideally use svg!

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