I have a Photoshop file with a lot of groups inside and inside those groups even more groups. To get to a layer that I want is a looong way, and after that it's even longer to collapse back so I can get to another layer. I was wondering if there is a way to collapse and expand all groups at once?

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    +10 for using groups! Very few things worse than opening a file from another designer that has 200+ layers, all vaguely named "Layer 1", "Layer 2", "Layer 2 copy", etc. </rant> – DLev Aug 28 '17 at 18:45

To open/close all layer groups (folders) at the current level of hierarchy: Cmd-click the arrow next to the group

This is handy when you want to open/close, say, all the top-level groups without disturbing the open/closed state of any groups nested within them.

To open/close all layer groups nested within the current one: Opt-click the arrow next to the group

This is nice when you want to open/shut a bunch of nested groups, without affecting any that lie outside the target group.

To open/close all layer groups, period: Cmd-Opt-click the arrow next to a group

So, to keep things simple: when in doubt, Cmd-Opt-click a group’s arrow and you’ll collapse/expand all groups.

*On Windows please substitute Ctrl for Cmd and Alt for Opt.

source: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2011/06/how-to-collapseexpand-photoshop-layer-groups-folders-at-once.html

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    This just mildly blew my mind. Thanks for the answer and highlighting the different options. – kontur Aug 3 '14 at 9:02

Ctrl + Click on the small arrow will expand collapse the top most folders in the layers pallete, but will not expand sub folders within these.

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