I am creating images for both web and print so I use pixels (px) and millimeters (mm) back and forth. But whenever I open the other type of file (i.e. opened web(px) first then print(mm), or print(mm) then web(px) ), the units displayed in Transform is always set to the previous file's setting. I have to go to "Document Setup > OK" or every time I encounter this. It is very frustrating. Is there anyway to fix it, or is it fixed in later versions of Illustrator? Thanks.

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Measurement settings are application wide and are not document specific.

Just right-click, or control-click the rulers in the document and choose the scale you want. You can also input any scale into measurement fields. If the document is set to use pixels, you can input 50mm and it will automatically be converted to pixels. There's no need to keep changing preferences.

  • Great, thanks for the tip! The problem exist when I need to see the size of shapes in the right units. That would solve it, thanks a lot!
    – Pete C.
    Commented Jul 5, 2015 at 7:59

Try this while in Adobe Illustrator:

File > New and then use the "Units" drop-down to select the units you prefer, then click the "OK" button. enter image description here

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