I hope this is not a duplicate question - I have looked at other answers and I'm convinced this is different enough for its own question.

enter image description here

I have a single-colour logo in raster format that I need to clean up. The above image shows what the rest of the image is like; the above has the finest detail though, so I thought I'd show that part of it.

I am using GIMP. I have played around with its colour tools, such as desaturate, threshold, curves, but I cannot seem to clean it up as well as I expected to be able. The best results I've achieved so far were no better than the original.

Is there a best-practice method for this? Are my methods in the right ballpark? Is GIMP just as capable as photoshop for this, or do I really need photoshop?


  • Unrelated as an answer, but maybe a useful tip for others hitting here: never save logos or line art as ".jpg" files - this kindo f noise is intriduced automatically. If you need raster images use PNG.
    – jsbueno
    Jul 5, 2015 at 14:17

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I've just come up with something which is somewhat better than the original:

Step 1: Resize to 200%

Step 2: Colour -> Desaturate > By lightness

Step 3: Colour-> Curves:

enter image description here

Step 4: Colour -> Colourize

Step 5: Resize to 50% (i.e. back to 100% of original)


enter image description here


If the logo is the same color, you can use the Select By Color Tool(Select by color tool).

  1. Choose the Select By Color Tool then click and drag on an orange part until all of the orange is covered.

Make selection

  1. Copy(Ctrl+C) and paste(Ctrl+V) the selection and make a new layer from it and put a white filled layer underneath it.

Orange separated from background

After this, you can then clean up the orange a bit more as you did in your answer.

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